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Good morning and Happy new year to everyone. I finally took a good picture of my sorta new Chameleon. I purchased him from Screameleons and he arrived December 16th so I've had him for just over 1 month. From what I can tell he is doing great, his cage is setup as outlined on Screameleons website with the exception of adding a Mist King misting system. His appetite is good and he feeds on Crickets, new born Discoid roaches, baby silk worms, and baby horn worms. He really goes nuts for the roaches.

BTW he is a male Nosy Be.
The above was taken on December 24th. He was hatched on September 8th 2010

This is him taken on the 18th of November
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Thanks, its amazing how much he has changed in the past month color wise. I think he is in for a growth spurt because he is eating like a little piggy. And watching him chase down the baby roaches is amazing. Hard to believe they can go so fast. LOL
omg! i love baby pics!! haha their eyes take up their whole head! they are just too cute!
He is a good looking guy already, he is going to be beautiful. What a great FIRST of many chams.:rolleyes::rolleyes: You are now hooked like the rest of us.:) But hey we are here for you.
awsome blue guy:cool:

do you know the sire to your cham? Screameleons should know whose dad your guy came from:)

I thought I had written down the sire's id number but I can't seem to find it. I think the baby girl Nosy Be on his site now is my baby's sister.
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