Photo Update of the Guys and Our New Girl


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Hi everyone,
I was able to get some good pictures of my two male panthers this weekend and thought I would share with everyone. We also welcomed a new baby girl this week and a have a few pictures of her to share as well. Anyways, here they are:

Here's our male Ambilobe, Loki. He just turned a year old and is 16" long 97g. I love his colors so far and can't wait to see how he's going to look in the future.

Here's my mystery panther, Poseidon. He was sold to me as a female blue bar Ambilobe but he looks all male Nosy Be to me. What do you guys think? He's currently 9 months old, 14", and 66g. This weekend he just started showing real blue barring along with the green/teal body and had a really cool star burst design on his face for the first time.


And here's our newest addition, Aphrodite II. She's a female red bar Ambilobe that will eventually be a girlfriend for Loki. She's 10 weeks old and about 3".

Here's when she first arrived and was a little dehydrated from her trip:

And here she is after a couple of days of drinking water, eating 1/4" crickets, and getting used to her new home:

Your boys are gorgeous and that little girl is just precious. I'm no expert but Poseidon looks like a Nosy be to me.
Thanks everyone:) I'm really happy to see how happy and healthy they are growing. I got Loki at 3.5 months old and Poseidon and Aphrodite at 2.5 months old and it's really cool seeing them grow and develop all of their colors as they age. I think you guys are right as well, I think Poseidon is a Nosy Be and that's totally fine by me lol. He's got a great personality and is turning in to one good looking dude.:)

qdude46 - You're right it does look like she's praying. It was cracking me up when she was doing that little pose:)
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