Phantom Of Shedding.

The Wild One

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I think I just realized that when our Chams shed they look a lot like the Phantom Of The Opera... so let’s see some picks!



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But learning about these creatures is so much fun! I cruised the forums while at university, didn't have a smart phone when I was first on the forums, or a laptop lol
Yeah but if I remember correctly Emmy is only 12. Math is critical and so is the rest of it. My momness pops out and rears its ugly head.


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See I always excelled in math and sciences so for me it was easy until I reached university.


Girl I was thinking the same thing yesterday when she posted while in school. I would kick my sons butt if I found out he was on the forums while at school. Learn numbers!!
Lol in Kenya... Phones aren't allowed in school.
Since I've never left Kenya, I've never seen a school that doesn't force kids to wear the same uniform :cautious:.
But my school has a uniform that makes me look like some businessman.
(This post is VERY off-topic :ROFLMAO:)


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Is it me or is it that whenever someone makes a thread, it always manages to go out of subject? :ROFLMAO:
Recently that seems to be happening, but it always seems like the issue is resolved too, the forum I can say has changed since I first joined. I was inactive for a few years and just got active again within the last two years. For me the community has become more approachable and friendly overall.


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Is it me or is it that whenever someone makes a thread, it always manages to go out of subject? :ROFLMAO:
Well, I'll do my part to get this thread back on topic. I was planning on making a thread to post these pictures, but I'll just post them here instead. This is how I found my crested chameleon, Chrysoprase, last friday morning.

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