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i went to pet land just to see what they had for veilds chams i saw one there and i looked at the price 219$ :eek:is that not a little much lol ? am looking to get my first one but that is nuts.i see them on the net for 40 to a 100$
Way to much!! Besides, buy from a reputable dealer perhaps from some of our sponsors on here. And the would almost surely be healthier and taken care of properly.
Hah. The big name petstores here sell them for $100 and the shops that "specialize" in reptiles and exotic pets keep them in the same teensy glass tanks with a water bowl and sell them for $150. Crazy. I see them for $40 at the reptile shows.
I went to a local pestmart (intentional) and they had a baby veiled that they got in just because of the movie rango. It was in a glass tank that didnt really have good ventilation and there were wood chips as the substrate! And I'm sure they weren't really misting him like he should have been. I felt kinda bad for him but I can't afford 150 for a veiled when I know I could get one cheaper from a great breeder for WAY cheaper!!
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