Pascal had surgery!

So, as lots of people know, I have been posting about Pascal's manbits for a few days now. Yesterday I finally found a vet who cared/was awesome/ smart enough to save most of his bits.:D

I called 5 different vets, and finally my friend googled "reptile vets near bloomington" and St Francis Pet Hospital came up, I thought okay I'll look in to it, and called and waited for them to call me back. I waited a while and started to get nervous that they wouldn't call me back, when the phone rang. The reason it took so long to call me back was because the vet was in surgery and wanted to call me himself. I was really happy :D

I took Pascal in at about 3:00, but didnt get there till 430 because of the drive, and they took him right back! He laid out the risks (some of which made me cry) and when I consented, he gave Pascal valium ( haha he was loopy but relaxed). He had me hold Pasc until the valium relaxed him, and took him back to knock him out. 20 minutes later he brought me my baby with stitches in his little butt. Pascal was all bright and happy (maybe cuz of drugs) and clung to me like I'd been away for months, and when we got home he ate out of my hands for the first time!!!!!!!!!! :)

The Dr told me that he was able to save most of Pascals hemipene :) and to keep up with the antibiotics and up his Ca intake and gave us Tramadol to manage pain.

Today, when i got home from work, he was up and crawling and he pooped!!! like 5 times!!!! I never thought I would be happy to see it, but he hadn't gone for two weeks and now he is!!!! The swelling in his vent has decreased by 1/2! And he's bright and pretty and happy again :)

I feel so much better knowing that he's only in pain because we fixed his junk :) and in 10 days he'll get the stitch out and be normal :)
I am so happy to hear that it worked and Pascal is a happy puppy. Well, you know what I mean. I bet it feels good to get all that poop out of him and being without pain is good too.


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Such an inspiring story! It put a smile on my face. :D

I'm so glad Pascal is doing better. I've also had the pleasure of being elated over poop. Lol.
I think everyone of on here at one time or another is glad to see poop! ha! Glad Pascal had a happy outcome and hope he will back to his old self before you know it!
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