1. kdmelendez

    new habitat set up for Pascal

    I decided to remodel Pascal's cage. I think we were both tired of the same set up so I changed it up a bit. I initially had his cage horizontal instead of vertical. I got a few decoration and voila. End result! :cool:
  2. squeekz1992

    Pascal had surgery!

    So, as lots of people know, I have been posting about Pascal's manbits for a few days now. Yesterday I finally found a vet who cared/was awesome/ smart enough to save most of his bits.:D I called 5 different vets, and finally my friend googled "reptile vets near bloomington" and St Francis...
  3. Pascal Taking A Shower

    Pascal Taking A Shower

    This is a photo of my 5 month old panther ambilobe after a misting session.
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