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Dave Weldon

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Howdy All,

I thought I'd share a couple of photos that I took using my new toy; a trinocular microscope. I bought the special adapter to fit my Canon Digital Rebel SLR camera on it. I decided it would be educational/interesting as well as useful to watch for parasites before they become a serious problem. A few months ago my old Veiled began loosing weight. I had the vet do a fecal check and he found 3 different types of parasites - strongyloides, coccidia, pinworms. I treated him for the prescribed length of time using Panacur, Flagyl and Albon. I finished his treatment in early November. He started to put on weight again. I did my own fecal float a couple of weeks ago and found that there were still parasite eggs so I started treatment again. The vet's recommendation is that things are under control when you get three consecutive parasite-free fecal tests. I guess I've got more floats to do!

(I think I remember the magnification factors...)
(Focusing is still a bit tricky too...)

Pinworm eggs (400X):

Pinworm eggs (100X):
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