Panther with right eye closed


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Hi everyone
I have a panther chameleon with a problem that it likes to close its right eye (but not the whole time). I have read that this may be due to dehydration? i have a drip system and mist every morning and evening though. Also, it seems to have lost its appetite. Any advise is really appreciated.
My veiled had the same problem with her eye, I took her to the vet and he said that most likely its a small infection or she has a small piece of something stuck in there. He gave me some special drops to put in her eye twice a day and about a week later she opened it up again. I would suggest taking him to the vet...Hope your chameleon gets better ;)
that sounds just like the way everything started with my Female flap neck... closed eyes, would drink but not much, then she stoped eating pretty soon i was tube feeding her meds. that the vet gave me tellin me it was lack of hydration. well a month of treatin her and she gave up and passed away! while all this was going on my male flap neck began to get the same simptoms, back to the vet i went and told him that the female was dead and to try different tests... turns out it was parasites.. so to sum it all up i would really urge you to visit the local vet ASAP.
The bad eye could be coming into play with appetiate. You could try some long duration mistings to see if it dislodges debri if it is stuck in there. If not I would take your chameleon into the vet. Better sooner then later.
Right now it seems to have gotten better. Looks to be eating again as still find white stool samples. I heard that white is good? as it means that it is still hydrated? I think may have an infection in the eye. As i dont live in the states its really hard to find a vet with a speciality in reptiles.
i got a 8 month red barred ambilobe yesterday and today it ate 3 big goliath worms and yesterday i gave it a lot of water and saw it drink i even sprayed water right in its mouth so i know it isn't dehydrated but his left eye is closed 65% of the time i see him what is wrong? do u think it is just something in his eye?
Sometimes a Vit A deficiency can cause one eye to close.

Also an illness or infection can also cause the eye to close. I had a cham who closed her eye and come to find out there was nothing wring with her eye at all.. She had an infection in her mouth that for whatever reason made her close her eye
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I doubt the chameleon is ill as it is only one eye and it is not shut the whole time.

Your chameleon is more than likely vit A deficient but it could be from a variety of other things also (ex. hydration, lights). We will need to see your current care to assess what needs to change.
Is there a university that does anything with reptiles in your area that you could contact? they might be able to help you out
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