Panther Solar Meter Recommended UVB Level


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I am getting an Ambilobe Panther chameleon and I have a Solar Meter 6.5 but I wanted to see what the recommended ranges I should be looking for. I believe it is between 3.0 to 3.5. Can anyone confirm? Thanks


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Yes, this is correct although it is one area where a lot of keepers may disagree... Arcadia says a 3-4 UVI range at basking. But they also do not believe in D3 synthesis from supplements only light conversion. So you want to make sure your supplements are correct so you are not over dosing with D3.

I have talked to quite a few keepers of panthers in my search for the perfect level for my guy. They all said 2.5-3.5 ish....
You will find that if you have your fixture directly on the screen top and the basking branch at 7-8 inches below you will achieve a 3-4 range.
Just ensure that if you are running a single or dual fixture that you are using a 5.0 or 6% bulb. If you are running a quad with 1 reflector for all 4 bulbs then you want to make sure your running a 10.0 or 12% bulb.
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