Panther has worms???


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Hi! Does anyone here recognize this? It is sometimes stuck in my Panther's anal opening after he has pooped. It doesn't come off unless I pull it out. When I pull it, more of it comes out and it's sorta stuck inside. These "things" never seem to be alive, it looks like sort of dead skin from some worm but at the same time it doesn't. I've never had reptiles with internal parasites so I'm at a loss here.


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I think these are sperm plugs. My veiled has same things. If they are sperm plugs its normal. Correct me if I am wrong.


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Do sperm plugs come out from the same place as their poop? I thought they came from the genitals. These are fairly long and flat, white-yellowish.


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These things are definitely no worms, but old sheds from the hemipenes. The bag of the two hemipenes lays directly behind the cloaca, so their shed or even sperm plugs will leave at the back end of their cloaca.


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Wow really? How interesting! Thank you tons for that info! :) Piew... that's a relief. He doesn't have much of an apetite so my thoughts immediately went to parasites when I saw this. I guess there's something else bothering him that I need to figure out.


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Haha im afraid you have been servicing your cham by taking care of ALL his needs, I believe those are sperm plugs my guy does it (actually quite a bit now that I think about it) lol I never pull them out though! I think your guy is just fine though!
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