Panther eating Wood?


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Hi guys! I'm new to the forum, and joined because my new panther started acting weird today... I just brought home a new ambilobe male from my work yesterday who had a hole in his leg from crickets. Hes ok, it should heal fine...anyway. This morning, i noticed that he had climbed to the bottom of his cage. As i watched, he climbed onto the chunk of grapevine i have in there and proceeded to chew on it. I watched for a moment and was more perplexed than concerned until he broke off a piece and ATE it. What the heck is that? Should i be worried? I gave him some more crickets and he seemed to stop. I'm just worried...hes about one year old. Any advice? Oh, and hes not my first panther, I have 3 year old male nosy be who is a little sweetheart :)

When chameleons eat soil it is sometimes said that they are seeking out nutrients that maybe low or missing in there diet. I really do not see why the same could not apply here.

Eating something solid like that could lead to impaction.

Really can not comment more then just being vague and guessing so I probably should stop here.
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