Panther chameleon stressor?


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So I got these magnetic rock cliff things a while ago to hold feeder cups for my chams.

Melon is completely fine with it and uses it no problem. I had put one in Lennon’s cage when I got them and he hated it. He just sat there for a day or 2 staring at it until I took it out.

A few days ago I put the same one in Cynthia’s cage. She used it the first day but then yesterday when I came home from work she was kinda hiding. Today when I got home she was still hiding. Then I noticed her staring at the rock cliff so I took it out. Now she’s moving around happy again.

I wonder what it is about these things that panthers hate. Anyone else had this?


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They hate change! Doubt it had anything to do with the ledge. Just that you changed their territory up.
Ya probably. But I just put Cynthia in her new cage a week ago so she already had a big change recently. Maybe she was just getting used to it then was like what’s this new thing.

Even when I took it out of both Lennon’s cage a year or more ago and Cynthia’s cage today I put it on the table and they sat at the front of the cage looking at it until I put it in the other room.

Melon never cared at all she just wanted the food out of it.
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