Panther Chameleon acting Weird


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So my panther seems to be acting weird lately. He eats drinks, deficates just fine however its like he has trouble grasping branches and pulling himself up. Every once in a while hell reach for a branch and fall but manages to grab hold of something last second. Its like his back legs arent as strong as they should be. When hes looking for a new branch his legs tend to shake and sometimes his back legs can find the branch. I considered mbd as I admit I may have neglected his calcium intake for a couple months but his calcium schedule has been brought back up to date... I changed the uvb bulb to brand new just to be sure...

Does anyone have any idea on what this could be. If it seems like mbd how long before he can recouperate???
Cage Info:
Cage Type - Enclosed wood with screen top and screen opening on front. 24 w x 24 l x 48 high
Lighting - Sunglo 5.0 uvb with an added 10.0 uvb since i noticed his problem. lighting 12 hours on scedhule
Temperature - 82-95 basking spot
Humidity - humidifier in the enclosure, big cage hard to properly measure
Plants - All fake
Placement - Cage is located in my room in basement, has a fan pointed on it occasionaly for better ventalation, low traffic, random cat visits

Chameleon Info:
Your Chameleon - Panther chameleon, have had him for 6 months roughly male
Handling - VERY RARE
Feeding - Crickets with calcium worms, neglecting calcium scheduled for a couple months :( now d3 twice a month and calcium powder every feeding
Supplements -Calcium d3 - calcium
Watering - I see him drink every day, I mist 3-4 times a day when i work, more when im home(done manually)
Fecal Description - No parasite tests, white urate and solid brown black fecal matter (looks healthy)
History - No previsous problems, has always been in top shape.
Problem: Please look at first message. thank you!
Sounds. Like a supplement problem. I'm glad you are back on track. You also need a multivitamin twice a month. Not sure if you now have too much uv there but hopefully someone else will chime in. Mbd cannot be cured but it can be stopped. You might like to check out sandrachameleons blogs about gut loading inscects.
To my knowledge the Sunglo Bulb is NOT a uvb bulb. It is a heat bulb and gives off UVA rays and not UVB. Do some research on the bulb. I did, and that is what I found. If you have had him for 6 months and have not been providing uvb to him that would explain the MBD if he has it. Post some pics of him please.
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