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I have some leopard geckos that have hookworms, and need to use Panacur to help them out. Yes, I realize this isn't the forum for other reptiles, but as I understand it, Panacur is used by weight, therefore species shouldn't matter, right? And the process for getting rid of worms should be pretty consistent among all types of reptiles. Basically my questions are:

1. What is the ratio of Panacur to body weight and how much water do I need to add to the paste?

2. Can I just have the leos lick it from the eye dropper? They haven't been eating except for a special blended food that I feed via eye droppers, so figured I'd mix the Panacur and administer it that way, unless that's not a good idea.

3. As for cleaning the cages (sweater boxes until they kick the worms), should I disinfect the entire thing each day, twice a day, or what?

4. Where could they have contracted the worms from? They were captive bred that we bought at a show a few months ago. Their feeders came from a woman on E-Bay who has a huge business doing this, and the mealworms look fine. We took some and started breeding our own - should I have a worm tested for worms (can they carry hookworms?), or should I look elsewhere for the cause?

Any information is greatly appreciated. We got some bad information about caring for leos, and now are trying to counteract everything that we did wrong. I posted these similar questions on a Gecko forum, but no one replied, so am hoping to have better luck here. I don't really trust our herp vet, so had him do a fecal to determine it's hookworms, then would like to treat them myself. Any information is fine, and sorry again for posting this in the health clinic section - just figured that the questions could easily apply to chams and the information would be the same.


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Hey you need help you ask, no problem. Now I am not a gecko person but I do know panacur. The good news it you almost can't overdose on panacur. Don't feed the guys the tube.:D:D When I give panacur to my chams I normaly dose at 0.1 cc per 100 grams of body weight, in your guy's case I would give it orally and dose again in 2 weeks and again 2 weeks after that for a total of 3 treatments. Just mix water of food to make it less dense put it on their mouths and let them lick it off. Luck you chamois don't lick it like gecko's do. I would use a couple of sweater boxes and disinfect a box them use another disinfected box for that day. Or disinfect mon, use tues, and keep rotating.

To disinfect O use nolvaasn. But you can use bleach just make sure you rinse the thing forever & let it dry in the sun if possible.


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Thanks a bunch for the help. I've got some Panacur coming in from LLL in about 4 days or so, but 'til then I'm continuing to feed the blender mix, and sanitizing the boxes (we use an animal-friendly sanitizer mix that we spray, let sit, and then wipe off). Don't know the name, but it works great! They're eating better, and pooping more, which seems to be a good sign, I think. Do you know much about the cause of hookworms, or where we could have picked them up from? Thanks again.
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