other animals with chameleons


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I wish we would be able to put a frog or a day gecko in with a chameleon. Lol ):

I think it would be cool.

I wish they didn't get so stressed out so easilyy with other animals.

I really wanted a frog to put in there.

Is anyone else wishing they could put another animal in with their chameleons? Lol
Not only can they stress out your cham, there is also a risk that the animals become food! I saw a picture of a veiled eating a full grown leopard gecko! :eek:
I thnk alot of people wish and alot of people have tried, but the answer is no. Chameleons do not even do well at all with each other let alone other animals. There are plenty of threads on here about this, even one at the moment where the chameleon is not doing well due to being put in with a frog. In fact, you don't even want your chameleons seeing other animals you may have in the same room as it stresses them out.
Lots of people like to argue that different species live together out in the wild so it shouldn't be abnormal to recreate that in captivity. What they fail to realize is that out in the wild these animals are not forced to live in abnormally small confinement together unable to escape each other and in competition for the same food source. Normally these animals would be able to easy separate themselves if they wanted, and they may not even normally see these other species in natural surroundings. It's a whole new ball game when we change the rules...

And yes, I too would like to be able to keep some tree frogs in with mine.
My friend keeps a leapord gecko in his veileds cage. And they do not mind each other because they grew up together.
My friend keeps a leapord gecko in his veileds cage. And they do not mind each other because they grew up together.

As mentioned, the Veiled could eat the gecko. I guarantee you they mind, and since Leo's are noctournal it no doubt disturbs/stresses the chameleon. Growing up together has nothing to do with it.
My friend keeps a leapord gecko in his veileds cage. And they do not mind each other because they grew up together.

Whether or not they "grew up together" or supposedly don't seem to mind each other, those animals are from two totally different environments. I'd bet money that one, if not both of those animals is not benefiting from proper husbandry.
My Personal Advise would be no! If you have loads of experience and a really nice setup then maby.

Look what happened here.


I suggest you save the money and get a separate cage for your Frogs gecko etc. I think what you want here is a quick way to get an additional member to your collection. Do not take shortcuts with live animals they are the once that suffer in the end. :) Set each one up with there own housing :D
I wasnt planning on getting another animal to put in my chams cagee, its just a wishing thread. Lol

Yes I do indulge in wishing, just think of all the cool things you could do. But for me nothing is more important than my different animals health.:(
in all honestly, i wish ALL of my animals could live together, i could then stop spening rediculous amounts on setups and equipment!

but in reality, it is only advised CERTAIN species of any animal stay in community or in pairs. almost all chameleons available in captivity are on the lists of being housed by ones and nothing more.

but this leaves me with the question of "why, out of all reptiles, do chameleons seem to be one of the most vulnerable and sensitive animals to community or presence of other animals and chameleons? why is it, that you can house two or multiple monitors for example in the same enclosure, but being provided with a hudge enclosure, two chameleons can still be easily affected by stress and competition.. why are chameleons so vulnerable?!"
I dont knoww, i actually have lots of snakes and i keep 5 babies together and they all seem fine.i

that is exactly what im talking about. you can house many different species of snakes together (i've seen venomous with non venomous 10 days no problems. check out "Venom in Vegas with Donald Schultz"), obviously not for permanent periods of time, but definitely is do-able to prove points. Chameleons are on of few animals that will not do well most of the time with even one more of the same species.

community and quantity habitiation with other species are easily able to do this with
-bearded dragons
- frilled dragons
- monitors
- gators (crocks, american al, caimans, etc)

it seems like it is endless, and a great majority of those animals can be way more agressive with humans, but they can still be housed together with no problems if done with common sense. but for most chameleons, not a chance. too vulnerable. why is this? what in chameleons, makes them such timid and easily affected animals?
Well said in post #4 ferretinmy shoes!

psyrocco...the issues here were not proven to be the result of the frog being in with the chameleon, where they??

ChameleonsInMyHouse...its true that some reptiles can be kept in pairs or groups....but its most often one male and a few females or just a group of females. In some cases it depends on what happens in the wild.
Ive always wanted a tortoise in with my cham but have never mixed reptiles, was always told mixing reptiles can cause disease, ive seen on another forum a while back someone keeping fish in with there waterdragons !
Babies can usually be kept together for a few months but not after they reach sexual maturity....but even with babies they will sometimes attack each other or show aggression.
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