Orion enjoying the Oregon sun


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Orion has come a long way since the day we received him from Ed Kammer. His color and behavioral changes have been so dramatic and unique it's seemingly futile when attempting to determine what his mature coloration will end up looking like. All I know is that it will most certainly involve a 'Rich' red body, pun intended, and exceptional mass as he is already nearing 120g at around 8 months of age. The only issue now is giving him enough room to explore as he hates being confined to his enclosure and only tolerates being indoors when directly next to a window with a view. Here is a link containing past images of our hunter that demonstrate just how random his development has been: https://www.chameleonforums.com/our-two-kammer-babies-growing-into-gentlemen-108876/.

Resting coloration when indoors a little over a month ago.

Enjoying the outdoors, not the camera.



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Orion is outta this world!!!! Wow, it is amazing the color transformations they can go through. I think you are safe at saying, his coloring will involve red!!!
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