Orange underbellies

So i just got a new baby chameleon. I know they normally live in a 100% complete mesh cage. I was give a biobubble chameleon cabana with him. He is kept with a uvb light directly ontop of the tank. Over a mesh top so the uvb still goes into the tank. And has a basking area for heat but right now his basking area is sun. He is right in my window where most times of the day he gets direct sunlight. He has crickets in the tank with him but because he is new he hasnt eaten them yet but i have notice he has taken interest in them and has been watching them, as well as the crickets have there little food and water jello square things. But back on topic. Last night i went to take a picture of him and noticed his belly was a little orange. Last night was a little stressful night for him because i was in the tank a little moving things around for his comfort then i tried to move him to his food to get him hungry. So i dont know if that's it. Im hoping im just being an overprotect scared of anything new mom but im just checking. This morning when i woke up i didnt notice him having an orange belly.


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First off, Welcome to the Forums!!! :)

I'll attach a few links here and they are a great starting point. First is the caresheet for a veiled chameleon. It is a great starting point for new keepers and shows some of the keys to success...

From what I can see in the pictures it looks like you could add some plants and vines to the enclosure. I love to use live plants when possible, and Golden Pothos is one of the best for providing hiding places and drinking opportunities.

Sounds like you have already done some research on enclosures and lighting, so if you want to post a picture of the setup we can offer suggestions to you on lighting and such.

Hard to tell from the pictures, are you sure you have a boy? There should be a small bump on the rear feet...

Here is a link to feeders and nutrition...

It contains information on supplements as well as gutloading.


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As for the BioBubble, I am not a big fan because it needs to be cleaned out very often to ensure that the water is good for drinking. Also, most chameleons will not use fountains for drinking but will find dew or droplets on leaves. Also they can get beneficial hydration from their feeders.
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