ONE NEW BABY.... Crazy story....!!!!


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So heres an awesome story....

I had mated my panther Chameleons around 8 months ago...

Well, when my female decided to lay her eggs all over the floor (yes, she had a lying bin.. she is just.. inexperienced lol..) all of the eggs were bad... really small... hard.... I still kept them though till they all molded and shriveled....

Well appearantly, my mom took out the one she thought was different, and put it away without letting me know - and told me about it 4 days ago.... After 2 days, it cracked...

So today... I have a baby panther Ambilobe !!!!...

From a clutch of 41 eggs... only one fertile.... Anyone want to chime in?

Pictures shortly :)
That sounds like quite the suprise! I can't wait to see some pics, and if you can take some pics of the parents too.
it sounds like your female was bred after she had started to develop eggs.

thus why only one was fertile.

but congrats on the new little baby!!

Pics or it didn't happen!
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