Old shed question.


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Ok well.. its been maybe 1 week or a little bit more. and i can't get his last bit of shed off his leg.

its rolled up like a bracelet.

i am worried that this is going to cause constriction on his leg, ive been misting it with warm water.. and i tried to gently work it off *not peeling...or ripping*.. but either try to weaken it by grabbing a peice and letting him pull away.. but still no go..

im worried that this could affect his leg?

or should i just leave it on...and will it pop off with the next shed?
Link to photo:https://www.chameleonforums.com/thanks-gesang-great-sambava-16933/index4.html
as you can see its his hind leg.
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give him a warm shower for like 30min but not to hot it should feel like room temp if he is running around alot its to hot or to cold or the water is blasting him bounce it of the wall and let it mist him it allways works for me


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TO me this kinda looks tight, like when you roll a sock down,you have a build up of pressure around were it is at.

his grip is still strong, he still fights me when i try to mess with it.. so i assume he is probably OK..

im just worried that this could get to tight as he grows.. but also kinda up it my just kinda have a breaking point, were it kinda just snaps..and releases from his leg.

*i already took him out for 10 mins, stressed the shit outta him.. now he is lookin at me like im a monster....ill probably try again this weekend to get it off...


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Hey Sang,

When I got one of my boys, there was a piece of shed around his little tail that looked very constricting. Chuck (from Heroic Chameleons) helped me through the process of getting it off over the phone. If you don't at least remove one piece of the "bracelet" it WILL constrict blood flow and cause trouble down the road. One good suggestion that Chuck gave me was to put him into a shipping bag with only the affected area (in this case the leg with the shed bracelet) sticking out of the top. Having him in the dark will probably help with the stress. If you can get even one side off, you don't have anything to worry about, but you need to break the circle. I didn't end up needing the bag, but if your guy is getting stressed it is something you might want to try. No amount of misting was getting it off once it was on there tightly enough.

Also, watch that area in future sheds because that same problem in the same area can happen over and over. Keep us posted!


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I would have to agree that looks pretty tight and there looks to be some swelling in the lower limb. The sooner you can get that off the better. Placing him in towel to cover his eyes and then using a pair of tweezer to just get a break in the ring should do the trick....I don't thing that you need to pull it off unless it just comes off after you break the ring.

By the way .... Nice cham..

Hope that helps...



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I got it off. he stood on my finger.. and then i took a pair of tweasers, he felt me holding it so he pulled his leg and it came right off.

Thanks everyone for the help, and yes it was lookin a little tight, he looks releaved to have it off.. i will be paying more attention to that spot, and increasing the humidity hopefully with longer mist sessions.


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There is also this stuff called Shedding Aid, that you can get from any reptile store... It works wonders and is safe to spray on reptiles, i use it for my snakes... but i'm sure it would come in handy for old stuck sheds for anything else.... Just my two cents... :)


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My veiled had the same problem with his tail and i thought it would just come off because everyone talks about how they shed in sections and it will come off soon, well it ended up that it constricted it to much and now he has a kink in his tail. Hopefully it gets better as he grows but definitely try to get it off of his leg.
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