shed difficulty

  1. mrgreen22

    Panther had a bad shed ! what do i do?

    My chameleon- panther chameleon , male, age: 1.5yr , has been in my care for a little over a year . Handling- once or twice a week, as soon as his cage opens he lets himself out. super tame ,will walk right onto my hand. Feeding- mostly superworms and crickets 6-10 every other day. now and...
  2. R

    Panther shed

    Hey guys Not sure if its something to be concerned about but for 2 or more weeks (after he did a 3/4 shed) he has had what looks like unshed skin on his head, on one side of his body, tail and the odd tiny tiny hang off bits on his legs, for the past couple of days I have been upping the...
  3. Debmonster

    Jackson babies @ 2 months - no shed yet?

    My little dudes/dudettes are heading into their 3rd month without a shed. Is that okay? Humidity hovers between 60 to 70%. Does anybody have pictures of 2 or 3 month old Jackson babies?? Thanks, Debs
  4. Sang

    Old shed question.

    Ok well.. its been maybe 1 week or a little bit more. and i can't get his last bit of shed off his leg. its rolled up like a bracelet. i am worried that this is going to cause constriction on his leg, ive been misting it with warm water.. and i tried to gently work it off *not...
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