Old male chameleon on his way out?


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Hi I have a 5 and half year old (approx) male chameleon who i'm worried is on his way out, his set up is fine as is his supplementing and UVA is all good.
He's been eating and drinking as normal but he constantly goes to the bottom of his tank these last few days, often hiding behind something and is quite dark, he will come up on his branches sometimes and to sleep still.
I did take him to the vets who suspected it may be organ failure from old age but also checked his poop and found worm eggs, so hes been wormed in the hope that was causing his odd behavior.
But a day later he still seems to be sitting on the bottom hiding.

If anyone can give me any feedback on chameleons dying of old age I'd appreciate it, he still has strength in his grip and seems relatively okay in every other way so id like to know if this is normal of old age?
Any comments on this would be greatly appreciated
It could be old age. If you want us to take a look at husbandry issues you could fill in the form, you never know there might be something you might have missed. It could also be a reaction to the medicine your vet gave him. Popeye has had a spell of being unwell and acting strangely. He had a course of antibiotics and worming meds a few weeks ago and although he is much better he occasionally goes to the bottom of the viv. This behaviour also coincides with warm weather. Scotland is not renowned for good weather but on a nice day he has been outside. Now he wants to be out of his viv all the time and this is when I find him on the bottom. They love to worry us. I hope you find an answer to to your question.:)
I have a chameleon who is somewhere between 5 to 5 1/2 years also or in that vicinity. I do not know the age as I got it from someone about 15 months ago and got conflicting dates on his birth. He also spends most of time on the bottom of his cage whether it is cold or hot. He tends to do this more in his outdoor cage. When he is in his indoor cage he does it as well, but will spend a lot of time high up basking. He can climb up and down but prefers to sit on the bottom of his cage! I put him high up in the cage and as soon as I do he climbs straight down to the bottom and basks in the sun, so he is not doing it to cool off! It is the weirdest thing! He has been doing this for about 8 months. Eats and drinks like a champ and had a fecal done about 3 months ago so no parasites then anyways. I just let him be cause that is where he likes it best!!!
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