1. N

    Old male chameleon on his way out?

    Hi I have a 5 and half year old (approx) male chameleon who i'm worried is on his way out, his set up is fine as is his supplementing and UVA is all good. He's been eating and drinking as normal but he constantly goes to the bottom of his tank these last few days, often hiding behind something...
  2. Owner of Spanky

    Female weak grip and hanging out at the bottom

    My female cham is hanging around the bottom of her cage a lot. She also has a very weak grip. I think it might be signs of MBD. Cage Info: Cage Type - What kind of cage are you using? What is the size? I am in the process of getting her a new cage, but the one I have now is glass with...
  3. The Caught Poop from Day One

    The Caught Poop from Day One

    This is the first day's worth of poop and stuff that fell through the screen. Super easy cleanup!
  4. Catchin' the breeze!

    Catchin' the breeze!

  5. The first residents

    The first residents

  6. Lid Orientation

    Lid Orientation

    This permits the maximum airflow path.
  7. Lid attached

    Lid attached

  8. Both tubs nested

    Both tubs nested

  9. Bottom tub vent

    Bottom tub vent

    Doesn't need to be screened, but if you do, screen the outside to prevent any clearance issues.
  10. All screened vents

    All screened vents

  11. Front Vent

    Front Vent

  12. Screen Floor Hole Location

    Screen Floor Hole Location

    I ended up making two large holes instead of the four because of this kind of plastic's tendency to crack when being cut or drilled.
  13. Lid Vent Hole Location

    Lid Vent Hole Location

  14. Front Vent Hole Location

    Front Vent Hole Location

  15. Tubs for Screened Bottom Cricket Cage

    Tubs for Screened Bottom Cricket Cage

    Sterilite 90qt tubs from Wal Mart. Get some with better lids, if you do this!
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