Old Cham?


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Hello Everyone,
Haven't been on in a long time, but has a question. My Panther Cham Leland has been acting very weird the last few days. He is about 4 yrs old now so i know he is getting up there in age. I was wondering if there was anything i can do for an aging cham? He hasn't basked in about a week :eek: Today i picked him up and placed him on his basking perch. He's really scaring me :( He's just been hanging out mainly on the bottom of hs cage.
Is he still eating and drinking? Maybe post a few pics would be helpful for members to see him.
He did drink yesterday, he's never refused a meal He was looking a bit dehydrated yesterday, but looks okay today. I will try to upload a few pics, but my computer is a bit wonky:D so not sure if it will work
take him outside and let him bask in some sunlight in a small shrub or small tree and mist him a little bit while outside
Its way to cold for that here in NH, He also just had a very runny poop, and looked like he was peeing. I didnt think reptiles did that. It took a few minutes for him to finish and it was yellow.
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