Number Crickets Monthly?

Number Crickets Monthly?

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Staff member
We thought it would be interesting to see how many crickets members are going through on a monthly basis. How many are you using? How many chameleons or other reptiles are eating those crickets?
Please do not mention any company names.



I have standing order for 4000 per week broken down as 2000 1/4 inch, 1000 1/8 inch and 1000 3/4 inch/adults.
We use these to feed the Parsonii, numerous Pygmy leaf chameleons, panthers and Jackson's. Also we use them for praying mantis, numerous tarantulas and a frog. I think that's it!

In addition I go thru about 200 hornworms a week and many dubias.

This is one expensive hobby.


Biologist & Ecologist
I typically order anywhere between 500-2,000 crickets monthly, depending on how many roaches I decide to feed. In addition to the 7 chams I have my three African fat tail geckos. But most of them are adults, so I'm thankfully not feeding all 7 chameleons 20 small crickets daily, and therefore don't need to order as many crickets as I've needed to in the past.


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Every month I buy 1000 1/2 inch crickets for my chameleons and my mantises. Some months I will go threw more but most of the time it's around 1000-1200


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In a month we hit over 5,000 crickets. We also fly through fruit flies as well. Our roach colonies have produced very little in 2013. Phelsuma seem to go through less crickets. :) I wish we still worked with those. However, chameleon have been an amazing adventure.


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One panther chameleon (8 months). I get 150 crickets a week. So 600 crickets a month. Damn that's a lot. I didn't think Dexter ate that much. And I give him treats too. =P


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I'm ordering 500 1/4" and 500 3/4" every two wks or so. 5 adults and 3 thirteen wk old babies. Babies will be gone soon, so half of this will go away...for now! ;)


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Much less than when he was only 4 to 7 months old or there about, he could really put away the crickets at that maybe 6 dozen a month, if he is hungry.


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I purchase a box of 1000 large and 1000 1/4 inch every 2 weeks. plus worms. plus fruit flies for babies.

Feeding 2 male adult panthers, 6 female adult panthers, 16 4-month old panthers, 20 1-month old panthers.


Chamalot Chameleons
I get minimum 5,000 a week.. (some times more) So that would be 20,000 a month..but we have a lot of chameleons

Rodion Gulakov

New Member
How many Feeders

I use locust and worms, but even then it is about 5 per week for my two and a halve years old Panther Feldman.
I think question asked badly though.
How many per one and how old is this one would be very interesting to know..
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