not using tongue now neck is swelling

this tells us nothing. Please supply setup/feeding/supplement/lighting/water, etc. info

If your chameleon is having problems and you want input from other chameleon owners, be sure to include as much information as possible:

1. Cage type: What size and type of cage (screen, glass, etc.)?

2. Temperatures: What is the basking temperature? How do you measure the temperature in your setup? What is the temperature in the warmest spot? The coolest spot? At night? During the day? You should measure the temperature of the chameleons' skin or the surface of its current branch to get a more accurate reading. Do you leave any heat on at night? What is the temperature in the room at night?

3. Lighting: What brand is your UVB light? How long have you been using it? How long are your lights on each day? Do you leave any lights on at night? Where are the lights? on top?

4. Humidity: Do you have a humidity gauge? What is the range of relative humidity (RH) from lowest to highest? How long does it take to go from high to low? Do you use a humidifier? Do you live in the north or south (or other)?

5. Water: Have you observed your chameleon drinking? How often do you mist? Do you have a dripper?

6. Food: Have you observed your chameleon eating? What is the chameleon's diet? Where do you get your live feeder prey? What are you feeding the feeders? Fresh veggies? Gut load? If you use a commercial gut load what is the brand? If you make your own what are the ingredients?

7. Supplements: What type of supplement(s) do you use? Brand name(s)? How often do you use supplements?

8. Plants & branches: What plants do you have? Are your plants alive or fake? Do the plants provide lots of coverage where the chameleon will feel safe? Can you see your chameleon most of the time or can it hide from your view?

9. Chameleon facts: How old is the chameleon? Do you know if it is wild caught or captive born? Did you get the chameleon at a show? Breeder?

10. Handling: Do you handle your chameleon? How often and how long? What is its reaction to you? Is the cage in a quiet part of the house or is it in a busy or noisy area? Any big stereo speakers near the cage? Is your chameleon alone in the cage? Can your chameleon see any other herps or pets from the cage?

11. Veterinarians: Do you have a veterinarian who KNOWS chameleons?

One last thing: As great as everyone is here (and they are), if there is a medical problem there is no substitute for a trip to the veterinarian.
sounds like a supplementing issue the swelling is most likly edema your should take you cham to the vet and list what you are doing here s it will helps figering out the cause

hi le le, Plumper is housed in a 20 gallon tank:confused: I use a 5.0 reptisun bulb and a 75 watt basking bulb. Plants are live Pothos. I feed her crickets gutloaded with flukers yellow stuff and feed them potatos, plums and apples supplementing with repcal herptivite repcal calcium with vitamin D3 and Minerall alternating daily. I shut off all lights at night. 16 hours of light and 8 hours of dark. Is that ok? She has sticks to climb on. I mist 2-3 times daily with a spray bottle. Temperature in basking area is approx 90 degrees...guage is inaccurate i think, so humidity is unknown. (reads 40% humidity).
She has been struggling with her tongue. She cannot shoot it to eat. Went to vet, and he prescribed Baytril injections for one week, and gave cat food to feed her with the use of a syringe. Also, neocalglucon is given by syringe .2cc's per day. I have stopped using the neocalglucon and feeding cat food suspecting that it has caused the Edema in her neck. She still cannot use her tongue doing everything I was told to do. Me and my girlfriend hand fed her three meal worms, 5 crickets, and 1cc of water tonight.
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention she is approximately one year old. Please respond with any information you can.
Thank you
You may have already checked this, but look on the health discussion section of the forums and there is a "stickied" thread with links to veterinary resources. Check one or more of these for a vet in your area that SPECIALIZES in reptiles and amphibians. Maybe the person you already saw says they do; but from your description of the visit, you probably want a second opinion. Lots of things can cause neck swelling, including infections, over-supplementation, under-supplementation, injury, etc. You definitely need a vet to figure out what the problem is! I hope you can get help soon...good luck! :)
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