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I have a question about my veiled chameleon, i've had him for 2 years now and his previous owner had him for 3 before me. In his last home he was abused quite a bit by cats and irregular feedings. Lately Gizzy (my chameleon) has been sleeping at weird hours! he sleeps a lot lately and doesn't seem to be up except for at night, it's gotten so bad that I need to wake him up to make sure he eats his worms or I find them outouched the next day when I go to feed him again. Is this a medical probleme...or is he just getting old? And how old will a veiled live in that kind of captive situation?

Any advice or insight is incredibly apreciated!!

Thank you in advance


P.S if any montrealers know a good reptile vet please let me know!
Hi Joel,

Welcome to the forums. I know that there are many keepers on this forum who have elderly chameleons that will be able to point you in the right direction.

At night, is his cage completely dark? Or is there some light for him to see by? How do you know he is staying awake?

hello mcflow,

There is at least one veterinarian in Montreal listed in the link below:
arav canada

For accurate advice, it is best to post details of your setup. You may want to answer some of the questions listed in the link below:
[THREAD=66]health problem details[/THREAD]
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