Nosy Mitsio

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Hello all,
I have really struggled with this. I have decided to sell off most to all of my current animals, and concentrate only on working with the parsonii. It will be hard to part with some of these animals. I am in no particular hurry. I reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone for any reason!

First up a beautiful male Nosy Mitsio. He is WC. He was treated with panacur and flagyl when he was first brought in for internal parasites, all recent fecal smears show clear. He is 10-14 months old. He is in great health and a proven breeder. This guy is not a pet, very difficult to handle, but will make a great addition to any breeding program, or a terrific display animal. He does have a small visible nematode in his right flank near his rear leg. $600.00 shipped. Will split paypal fee with buyer.




-Zerah J Morris
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Wow, that is a gorgeous chameleon! If I had the room and money, I would definetly consider it. GL.
Thanks for the replys guys.

He is an awesome animal. It will be very hard to let him go. I have had him since he was <6 months old. I hope to find someone who will take excellent care and put him to work. I think we all loose if we loose these type of genetics.

Thanks again and good luck with your projects/animals,

-Zerah J Morris
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