Normal Panther routines throughout early life

Hello, had a quick question about routines and where Panthers generally spend their time. I’ve had my male for about 3 months, making him around 7 months. For the first couple months he hung out mostly in his basking area and top of cage, and crawling the screen ceiling. Recently, he’s been hanging out more in the middle of his cage during the day in more dense foliage.

His day usually goes like this: Wake up, bask for 30-60 minutes, eat meal, go bask more, go back and forth between eating and basking for a couple hours, descend into dense foliage (umbrella plant) and hang out there until bed time.

He’s still pretty small so I feed every day. Does this sound like a pretty typical routine? He seems perfectly healthy as far as I can tell. Thanks for you replies!


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Yup, no matter how tall the cage, they seem to stay at one level, like fish.

When he gets older he will start patrolling around the parameter too to stake out his territory and look for intruders. After all the ladies wont show up if there is a bunch of rookie males in your tree eating all the bugs.
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