No Go, Game Over....But Okay


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Okay, well all of Baby's eggs have molded....sad but not really. I'm sooooo happy that she was happy with my laying bin that she laid her first clutch of eggs and won't be egg bound. She's too young to breed anyway and you know my boy Nacho has MBD anyway but they enjoyed each other's company and now we are back to normal life. I think next time she is interested in him I'll put them together properly and let them do their thang if they want. Since I now know how to post photos her are a few of my kidos.





My handsome MBD boy, Nacho, my pissy little girl Baby, the enclosures (30x18x18) plastic, I know, sucks....Got a mister, by a miracle, heat lamps and UVB for both, Ca and Mulit-vits, thermometers and humidifier gauges and everything that's possible to buy here. Also a picture of my Frenchie, Brio, to see the whole damn fam.
Oh, PS, note Nacho's enclosure is only half size. I have created a 'hamock' in middle. He eats great and gets around great. I'm curious more info about MBD and if he can ever go back to, that's not true, 80%?...I think he's awesome and he's doing great. Just wonder what he future holds. Perhaps I need to swing over to 'Health' area and chat more about him.....he's great and I love him.
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