Next Week...


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As if the last few weeks haven't been productive and stressful enough... I took classes in Phased Array Ultrasonic and Automated Phased Array Ultrasonics and thankfully passed all 3 exams in the 93% range! This "Next Week" has a lot more in store for me. On Tuesday I will be receiving a beautiful Ambanja male Furcifer Pardalis from @Matt Vanilla Gorilla. If that wasn't exciting enough I'm also marrying the woman of my dreams on Thursday!!! I don't normally post life events or even like to brag... but I gotta say I found one beautiful, strong, independent woman who takes my crap. If you find that, or have already found it, my chameleon friends hold on tight and don't let go!

P.s. I hate Cowboy hats! The things we do for our loves!
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