Newly hatched panther Chameleon


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I bought a panther chameleon egg back in Sept and it finally hatched today. I just have a couple questions I can't seem to find the answer too. 1. How long should I leave the hatchling in the setup he was mailed in and hatched in before I move him to a small cage? And 2. What if anything should I put on the bottom of that cage? I have the same stuff thats in my adult Chameleons cage in there now but read somewhere that i shouldn't use it for babies.


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Congratulations! Unfortunately I cannot help you with this but I'm sure someone with much more experience in this area will be on here shortly to give you a hand
You can move him to the cage if he has absorbed his entire egg sack. Most of the times that has happened by the time they hatch. You can leave the bottom bare. Some people put paper towel down.


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Yup, please remove the Eco Earth! Sweet looking little one! They are soooooo adorable! Yup, he/she looks ready to be in the cage. How about a picture of the entire cage please?
I removed the eco earth. Hold on and I'll take one. Its just a temp cage until me and my husband finish the one we are building tomorrow. 15510632417535651710688217811668.jpg
Unless you all think he ahould stay in here instead of the screen one we are building for a little while? I read on one of these sites that the plastic or glass help keep the humidity up for the babies. 15510632766954588949641240851927.jpg
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