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hi all am looking to get a veiled i heard they are a beginner one but still take alot of work but am planning on building a cage 3x2x4 screen cage would this be good for him and am planning on having it set up for a mouth or so just to get things good and ready i have been doing alot of research on them and i was just wondering if there are any breeders in canada i can get one from and any pointers on them thanks kevin and sorry if i got this in the wrong spot
I Kevin, welcome to the forum. You posted in the correct place, you are off to a good start. I am not sure about Canada, but I do know we have some sponsors in Canada, and I have heard nothing but good stuff about Drew. However I don't even know which shop Drew is from. Where in Canada are you?

We will have some member on posting links to veiled care. We can get you all taken care of. I will check back and see if you get all the help you need.
thanks and am from regina sask and we dont got much of a selection here for pet shops so i need all the help i can get from here :D
hi kfactor,welcome:) have you tried to see if there is any chams in moosejaw? they have some pet stores there,dont know it you will find a cham there but its worth looking as its not too far fr you:) im sooo happy you are getting everything you need PRIOR to getting your cham:D this is an excellent forum and you will find all the help you need right here..happy easter!!
thanks for all the info and i will have to call around to places too see if i can find one here in good health and should i be looking for a younger one or older and how much are they going for when i buy one thanks and i will post some pics of when i get my cage done :)
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