New veiled Cham, help!


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So I got my new Cham 3 days ago. And I'm worried about my little guy. He hasn't really moved from his little area since he was put in his cage. I've yet to see him bask,(basking degrees hits high 80's.)
My second concern is he hasn't eaten a single thing. At first I gave him crickets in a feeding bowl but he didn't touch them. The following day I bought mealworms(since that is what the pet store was feeding him) and I literally put them in front of his face and he was spooked). So I left the bowl filled with crickets the rest of the day and he hasn't eaten any of them. I fear that he isn't drinking enough water either since his feces is no longer yellow, but white/black. Any advice or help is appreciated and his is my first time posting on here.


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How old is he?
If he's just a baby the basking spot is to hot for him. Bring it down to about 80
Black and white poop is good it means he is hydrated. If its yellow or orange means he's dehydrated.
He might be eating when your not watching. Try letting the crickets roam around. Not to many because he might get stressed out
Hope this helps
Basking spot is too high of a temp. Lower it down to maybe 82 MAX. (raise the bulb, lower the basking spot. whatever it takes)

Also he might be adjusting to his new environment still. Some chams take up to 6-7 days to get used to their new cage.

Also I would not recommend mealworms for young chams like that one. The hard exoskeleton of the mealworm can cause issues for them (inside their gut).

If it's actually superworms you're feeding him, they are fine.

Big diff between superworms and mealworms, but a lot of people get them confused.
Thank you so much for the reply. I'll make sure to make those changes ASAP.
And no they are mealworms for sure
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