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whats up? abit about us. well lets see my name is ryan althou every one calls me ry i have 3 kids, 1 english stafford shire, 1 bloodhound, a siamese cat, 4 leopard gecko's, a canyon tree frog and a female panter cameleon thats alittle over a year. shes little. her habit is an exo terra glass terrarium. with a little dripper, a monsoon mister, reptifogger, and a watter fall, she has 2 uvb bulbs, a heat bulb, and a basking bulb. we orederd alot of live plants and a small facis tree in for her. we use fake plants as well for the higher temp spots. I am not new to chameleons. as I owned jacksons for 15 yrs. and breed them. we have not named her yet. we did thou name the canyon tree frog bumpy. I am not sure what else to say. thanks for having me on the forum.
welcome, you might get some comments on the waterfall not being a great idea but you sound like you know what your up to.
again welcome

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