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I just joined the forum today, I have been doing some research on chameleons, because I would like to get one and I figured joining this would help me learn a lot. I am a turtle and tortoise owner, along with many other pets. But I will admit that I have never owned a lizard before but I have wanted to for a long time and I have a little past experience with them from a past relationship.
Anyways, to make a long story short, I have been eyeballing the lizards at the pet store a lot lately. I don't normally look at pets at the stores at all to resist temptation, but then they got some amazing looking chameleons in that caught my eye, two Jackson's and one baby veiled chameleon. The baby sold fast.... And yes.... I know better than to buy animals from pet stores.... But I just keep looking at the Jackson's, I am enchanted with one of them especially. I believe she is a female because she has no horns and is smaller & darker, the other Jackson is slightly larger, is brighter in color, with horns and I noticed he just shed his skin. I think they are both beautiful but I also feel sorry for the female because her front foot is messed up, but the store doesn't know what happened. (I could ask more thoroughly if I wanted to) The pet store has offered her to me for 1/2 off because of the foot, but by looking at the websites I am wondering if I still may be paying too much because it will still be $70 +tax. Plus, I know that buying exotics from pet stores are such a No,No... The girl who I spoke to at the pet store has always seemed somewhat knowledgable about reptiles and assured me that she was in good health, but I still feel like I can't depend on that. I just feel so sorry for the little gal! I am leaning towards getting an aluminum cage and supplies ordered, and maybe then once i have everything ready, I will know if its a good choice if shes still there. I would love advice and comments. Thank you so much!

Helen :)
Hello Helen and welcome to the forums. Here is a great care sheet to get you started. It should tell you everything you need to purchase. Most pet stores are frowned upon, but I have one in my area and they keep their animals beautiful and healthy and honestly if I was in the market I would get one from them without hesitation. It really depends on the store. As far as the foot, does it look healed? If not, you might be looking at a vet bill. If you want and it is possible, try and get some pics of the chameleon and the foot and post some pics on here so we can take a look if you have your heart set on buying that one.
Thank you!!

Thanks Carol, that website is very informative. And from what I have read so far I feel like I will have a good handle on being a new lizard owner by being a turtle owner already. ( they have a lot of similarities, I already have the same calcium supplements, needs humidity, same kind of lamps to get, etc...) this list totally helps a lot though!!! I have a question though.... Would you recommend an all aluminum cage, or mesh? I have also seen some that are half glass & half aluminum, I like those a lot but for visual purposes, I absoulutely want what's the best for the lizard and I know that good ventilation is important. Does their habitat get too stuffy with half glass?

As far as the lizards foot goes, from what I could tell, it seems healed. I have watched her walk many times, and she walks, climbs and puts weight on it. The girl at the store even let me hold her so I could look up close. I saw no signs of abrasions or irritations. It just looks like part of is got chopped off or something :(
however....You said you trust your pet store.... But this isn't like a neighborhood pet store, it's Petco!!! :eek:
This is why I am feeling weary. I really feel like there are a couple of employees there that know there stuff... But the 2 Jackson's are in the same tank together and I think they are both stressed. I feel like this employee would tell me the truth if she was unhealthy, I really do. I am there all the time getting feeders for our turtles and our oscar fish... So main employees and managers know me pretty well. I will go down there tomorrow and take a pic and post it!!
Thanks again for your time, it means a lot. Take care :)
well, you already know you would be taking big risk to by a pet store stressed female jack that appears to already have an injury (possibly well healed, but as someone new to chams you probably wouldn't know, and I suspect the pet shop employee may think its fine but may also not really know).

Could you post a photo of her here? perhaps someone here could provide reassurance about the foot?

I suspect you'll make a good owner, since you are clearly doing your research and are apparently success with turtles.

p.s. - I love Oscar fish - feel free to post photos of them too, it the forum area for the non cham stuff.
Ok Sandra, I sure will!! I kind of feel like if this little gal is meant to be, it will feel right... Which is why I'm doing this research first before I even buy the supplies. Thanks for the reassurance.... I do feel like i will take good care of the cham that i own, but i also don't want to set myself up for disappointment by getting one that maybe sick, distressed, or develop future problems with the foot that I may be unaware of now, Etc. For some reason I just have felt very drawn to this little girl, but I don't have my heart set on it either so I will just have to ultimately decide if she sticks around. I will take pics tomorrow if she is still there!
I absolutely know that eventually (sooner than later) I want to get a panther Cham, would you say either type is more difficult to take care of for a beginner? I don't think their care sounds too difficult, it's just knowing the things to do.... A lot of things I already do for my turtles. so either I will start with her or wait a while and save a bit of $ for a panther. Time will tell.
I will post a pics of my oscars on the other board for you. Thanks again!!!
Helen :D
I have decided not to get her <sniff>

With a sad heart I have decided to go with my better judgement and not to get the sweet little lizard from petco. The more research that I have been doing makes me feel right in my choice, and also makes me feel like I want one that I know will be healthy and make a long lasting buddy. I don't feel like they are giving me a good deal, I just think they are trying to get rid of her by giving me half off. Which breaks my heart but that shouldn't be why I get her...... :( Sadly, I am going to keep doing my studying and get the things that I need, and then order a younger cham from a reputable breeder who I know will give me a clean bill of health. :eek:
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