New snail bin and feeding the inverts


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New snail bin was set up tonight. i am much happier with this set up, about 4-5 inches of ecoearth, moss and a clay pot. I plan to get some wood for them soon again. The bin works much better for humidity than my aquarium did because of the size hole in the lid i cut. My batch of 6 snails are already active, eating and happily rearranging their new home.

Tonight i fed the insects farmers market greens. Broccoli stems, a few pieces each colony; sweet potato slices, decent handful each; and a small amount of cucumber each.

Tomorrow will be fruit night and leafy greens. We have some mealy apples that are just bruised and getting old that i figured the roaches would enjoy, and also have some celery tops, kale stalks, red leaf lettuce stalks, and watercress.

I am slowing down petsitting now and throwing myself whole heartedly into what i love, my own animals.
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