New quadricornis and mt meru Jackson's from Hamm :-)


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My new additions from Hamm. Wanted these to species for years so super chuffed to finally own them.

Quadricornis 1.2

Jacksoni merumontanus 1.3 (pic just of male)


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Congrats!! I love my quads, and getting more would make Christmas for me. My second clutch is hatching as we speak. So far 7 out of 13 are out. I ill post pics soon. Thanks for sharing your quads and mt meru.


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I do love the quads, wanted them for at least 2 years now but never really had the money. They should be ready for breeding soon aswell :)


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Do the quads and mt meru have the same conditions and requirements?

How different is their care compared with xantho jax?


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Sad that you are not close, we could swap babies.
Yea that would have been ideal!
Would be good if you can give me any tips on keeping them if you don't mind.
I have done lots of research and have kept and bred different montane species but always good to have as much info as possible.
Have you got any advice on breeding / egg incubating?
They are around a year old so thinking about breeding them in the near future.
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