1. ferretinmyshoes

    Baby Quad pics!

    Here's what I'm up to most recently! I have two baby quads and they're just the cutest little things! I wasn't planning on breeding after the panthers - it's just very time and labor intensive. Tylene needed a retirement home for a quad breeder with repro problems so she came to live with me...
  2. J

    Ambilobe, nosy Faly, quad's and Mt Meru Jackson

    Ambilobe panther Nosy Faly panther Quadricornis Merumontanus Jackson
  3. J

    New quadricornis and mt meru Jackson's from Hamm :-)

    My new additions from Hamm. Wanted these to species for years so super chuffed to finally own them. Quadricornis 1.2 Jacksoni merumontanus 1.3 (pic just of male)
  4. Come Hither Tail

    Come Hither Tail

    Bowser on a branch before bed.
  5. T. Quadricornis

    T. Quadricornis

    Baby quad
  6. Alpha Male

    Alpha Male

    quadricornis male
  7. Pentacornis


    four-horned chameleon
  8. I Am One With The Tree, You Can't See Me.

    I Am One With The Tree, You Can't See Me.

  9. Army


    Army, my 9 months old Quad
  10. Quadricornis Tail

    Quadricornis Tail

    Walters Tail
  11. Peter


    Peter just hanging out.
  12. Zeus my Wc Male Quad Sleeping

    Zeus my Wc Male Quad Sleeping

    This is my WC male Quad (Zeus). I had him for about 4 years now
  13. Trioceros Quadricornis Pair

    Trioceros Quadricornis Pair

    Getting to know each other
  14. 5 M/o Trioceros Quadricornis

    5 M/o Trioceros Quadricornis

    Showing off his nubs...
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