New pics

I am being honest when I say that your panthers are the best looking I've ever seen.
Better then my splat and Laurie...and any future babies that my 18 eggs might produce.
That nosy is my should be proud.

That you for sharing.

Heather Jasper is getting Luie's colors, he is beautiful. Luie is still the most vibrantly colored veiled I have ever seen, you will be so happy to have a baby that looks like him.:)

All your chameleons look delicious!! Great job. How is Jack doing?
Thank you all so much for all the nice words, I appreciate them all!

@Stefan: They are almost 9 months old now.
@Laurie: Jack is doing great, not any changes. He seems satisfied!

All of the chams pictured are full time free rangers too.
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