New Photos of My Baby Parsonii Cooper


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We had Mini Cooper outside and got a few shots of him. He now weights 13.6 grams. Cooper is growing quite slow and I've been worried about him but other than being small he seems healthy. My chameleon vet was here last Friday to take Dulce's stitches out and give everybody a check up. He hadn't seen Cooper for over two months and he thought he had grown allot. Hopefully, there's nothing wrong and I just see him everyday and compare him to Sage, my baby veiled that's growing like a weed.

Here he is, Cooper Mini









Looking good Jann!

I think that is just it. You see him every day, so it's hard to notice growth!

I am in the same boat with all of mine! But when friends come over and they see them they go "wow, they've gotten bigger!".
Dang, Jann, he absolutely looks like he's grown from the other pictures! Plus he is so adorable - looks like he is smiling in every photo!

I love him I want a Parsonii SO SO bad but I don't have 2,000 dollors so I will have to wait until I get older and get a good job so I can have one.
He is adorable! I worry about Boomer too being kinda on the small side. They always look so much bigger in pictures. Boomer is just not a huge eater so I guess he will just grown slower, which like Kinyongia said might not be a bad thing!!
Thank you so much for all the looks and nice comments on little Cooper. He is amazing to watch. Everything he does is slow so I guess growing is the same way.
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