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Vegas Billy

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Here's a pic of my new Mellers. The cage cost me more to build than he did to buy! 5'x4'x4'. He was shipped to me from Mass. to Vegas 2 weeks ago w/out heat packs! Of course it was the coldest week to date this Winter! I couldn't believe the guy omitted heat packs - especially shipping from Mass.!!

Then the plane was delayed to to mechanical problems and UPS was going to delay delivery until the next day! After much pleading they delivered him at 7:30PM! he was "frozen" but alive! I warmed him up gradually and he was eating crickets 3 hours later - unbelieveable!

He's taken to the food bowl well and has already set up a basic movement pattern, basking, feeding, and sleeping. No excessive roaming or attempts to get out so I'm hopeful the cage parameters are too his liking.

hey, is this your first chameleon? that's great he got thru his cold delivery, some people don't seem to think things thru. he looks like a growing juvenile ready to go into a shed. great cage size for him. i wish him the best. i love mellers, never had one but maybe one day....
lets see a picture of the whole cage.
Looking good Billy. Do not really see alot of Mellers. Sorry the shipping did not go a little better but it sounds like he is acclimating to his new surroundings okay.
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