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Hello, my name is Bobby and I figured it was time to make an introduction. I am 22 and live in the state of MS. I am currently waiting on a baby male Nosy Be from Screameleons. He is suppose to be sired by Howard and available in 7 weeks. I currently have a broken ankle and broken toes on the other foot,so I have had nothing to do but gather information from this amazing site, and books.

I have never owned a Cham before,but we all have to start somewhere. I feel VERY confident that I can or I would not be investing the money. I will be building two cages, for my new guest. One inside and a nice one in the backyard by my pond. Anyways, I am glad to be part of the community.I currently only have one baby and he is spoiled beyond belief.
Welcome to the forums and to cham-keeping! You really can't go wrong with a baby from Screameleons, they have truly beautiful animals. Don't be afraid to ask if you have any doubts or questions.

Adorable dog! What's his name?
Thanks, I'm grateful for all advice. Judging by pictures,you all have tons of knowledge.

His name is Bam Bam. He is a Mini Schnauzer without the chopped ears, and typical hair cut. I like him scruffy.Even though his beard gets dirty easier and smells like a rotten trash can, unless bathed once a week.
Welcome to the forum! I have a mini schnauzer, too, named Phoenix, that I got from the local shelter a few years ago. Awesome dogs, love the breed and the no shedding. Ours is a bit neurotic, a scaredy-cat, but I attribute it to the early life before us. You will love this forum!
He is honestly to smart for his own good. He will grab his lease and bring it to you if he wants to go out. If you piss him off he will pee on something, and we know it is not from him holding it.He also has to travel everywhere with us, or you will make a ROOO ROOOO noise at you when you are putting on shoes.
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