New here need help. Bought a baby red bar ambilobe panther chameleon.


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Hey everyone need some advice and insight too my new addition. My sister is a snake breeder and uses a very knowledgable and reliable reptile breeder. I bought him for 275 cash. Have been told he's not even 2 months old or just there. The lack of color makes me nervous though I'm assured I have notthing too worry about here's a picture I would love some opinion and whether I got a good looking cham or not thanks for anyones who cares to respond its much appreciated and I would like too know how old he is and what I should expect I think he's adorable. He lights up a bright pink right now but nothing crazy.


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Um That looks like a girl:)

Also they dont have much color when they are babies and look like little turds. They get more colors with each shed. The tentative "she" looks about 3 months old and is a good age for selling according to breeders. Looks a little under weight which may be why its looking like a she to me.
No, that's a male, don't worry! Panther males, on average, won't collor up significantly until about 6 months or so but you have faster and slower growers. He's already starting to show a little so he may start getting more intensse in the next month or two.

I agree he doesn't look 2 months old (or he's a big 2 month old baby!) so he might be older.
I think male also from that pic. You could post some more pics of the tail base to be sure. Also, please tell us about your set up. Is that a fish tank or a terrarium you have him in. If fish tank, that is a no no and needs to be changed. Remove the mulch also. That is a potential choking or impaction hazard if injested accidentally or intentionally. Do you have a uvb light, uva light? Whare are your temps and humidity?
Thanks everyone these pictures are from the reptile store i have a
18 x 18 x 24 terrarium live plants, exotic flower plants from greece beautiful flowers no pesticides. lots of climbing room a couple rocks heats perfect with 80 - 86 with other spots varying in tempature im going to attatch more photos from the pet shop and take some more soon but I didn't really get any commenting on the color or what I should expect. I'm pretty knowledgable with reptiles though this is my first chameleon, i love the little guy and think hes a stunner lol!

What colors do you guys see that are prodimnant?? I'm expecting red and green and some yellow??

I'm thinking of building a massive terrarium 7 ft tall 4 ft wide out of wood chicken wire and mesh would anyone advise against this??

I almost cried when I saw female lmao


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I'm speaking of doing a double mesh and then chicken wire over lapping it to make a solid structure lol not too use it as the mesh. Because the terrarium i bought top notch 200 dollars is garbage in my opinion and i can build something badass for the same price.
Thats a beautiful terrarium wish I had come on here prior too buying mine. All reptiles in toronto where i got my chameleon they had 30 percent off its
18 x 18 x 24 all mesh but I want something much bigger.
What do you think of my little guy cute? Colors??
You got like 2 more months before you get any good colors going. So we cant say the light grey section with a hint of pink will turn blazing red or something.

As for your cage. Yes the food will run out of it. I would recomend 1/4" hardware cloth or vinyl mesh. It will let him climb on it better while not letting stuff in or out. I just finished my 7ft tall cage. The main thing is getting the cham to hang out within 2ft of the light.
We cannot tell you what colors to expect.

He could start out with red bars, and end up with blue when hes 2 years old.

Theres no way to know.

My ambi male started out with red bars when he was 5 months old, with a green background.

At 8 months old, he got blue bars with a yellow background.

At a year old, he has blue bars and a pale blue/ green background.

So.. its a wait and see game.
Thanks for the advice insightful for sure. I want a cage i can walk into and i dont mind using multiple lights and all real plants maybe a couple artificial vines
Thanks dude he's a looker for sure, saying that he's not to be past 3 months old at most his body is less then 3.5 inches he's small! LOL thanks again makes me happy, didn't want to get a generic or average one i got a deal he was listed for 475 and because my sister knew the owner got him for 275 cash so im happy :)
you just have to patient with the coloring. Some color faster than others. My sambava was an ugly duckling so to speak at 5 months and turned into a gorgeous chameleon. Also, don't forget to remove the mulch, especially if you are free ranging the food items. He could get a chunk of mulch in his mouth with a feeder!
Thanks so much!! I plan on hand feeding him and taking him out occasionally. I think he's gorgeous just the fact its so hard to tell and there colors vary so often i have no idea what too expect its like an unwrapped gift you keep looking at but its forever changing :p
Thanks a lot
I just got my ambi today and he looks pretty much the same. As others said, it can take a few sheds before colors show. I did see some barring there on your pic. Keep him feed, use a uvb/uva bulb and gut load the feeders and dust with proper supplements and he will turn out fine.
Hey that concerns me. I'm not familiar with the term barring can you explain? Does anyone else have concerns of his health. He's very lively and friendly and fat in my opinion.
Please comment and be honest I'm picking him up tuesday this week. Any comments concerns or advice is very much so appreciated he is my first chameleon.
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