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okay i just got a 40 or so gallon fish tank for free. I don't want to put any fish in it. I would like to put a lizard or something in it. Any ideas? Oh i don't want to put a cham in it don't worry. I don't know a lot about water dragons but was looking into them, whatcha think?
Well bearded dragons are very social and easy to raise. They generally are a very hardy lizard and a good one to start with if you havent raised reptiles before.
Common Musk turtles are great if you like turtles.

These guys are pretty active. More active at night then day. Do not require UVb lighting. Do not really require a basking spot. Some owners still offer both. They are river bottom dwelling turtles. They are not proclaimed swimmers like some of the other aquatic turtles but are still great fun to watch. They poke around on the bottom, sniffing stuff, digging little holes and surving their territory. These guys stay smaller 3 1/2-6" depending on whether they are male or females which makes them a good option for an aquarium pet without having to get a huge tank. Thrive in good filter water. Zoo Med makes a turtle filter 501 that works great. Water changes can be kept to a minimum by feeding the turtles in a seperate container and then disposing of the waste. Most turtles deficate within minutes of eating so most waste will be disposed of there. They become very friendly once they realize who feeds them.

Handle by laying the shell flat on your hand. They do not like to be handled otherwise. Unlike alot of other turtles are more then capable of delivering a very painful bite to the tail area if mishandled. They also are capable of delivering a nasty fart bomb so do not let kids play around the aquarium.
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well i have a cham now but just wondering what i can use the tank for. I would love turtles but here in nova scotia u are not allowed to raise them o well.
I used to have water dragons when I was younger, I had them each in a 55 glass tank with a big deep tub of water on one side of the tank. But that was back in the day when everything was glass anyway. They were really neat, we bought them fairly large and they would hang on my shirt while I walked around the house.
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