New chameleon , when will she lay her eggs ?


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Hi , i got my new veild chameleon on saturday , she is 5 months old , can u tell me when she will start laying her eggs and do i put a something down ? ,
Most f veileds will not develop eggs until they at least get their adult colouring (orange splotches/blue dots) but at 5 months it can't hurt to provide a laying bin in her enclosure. This bin should be approx 12'' deep x 10'' square and I personally use a 50/50 mix of sand and topsoil kept damp enough that you can dig a tunnel to the bottom with out it collapsing. Around 6 months you should start feeding her a bit less (every other day) and keep her basking temp no higher than 82ish, this will slow down her metabolism a bit and hopefully reduce her chances of laying infertile clutches or at least large infertile clutches. My f veiled is approx. 15 months old and has not become gravid yet and I believe it is because of that husbandry. hope this helps.
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