New chameleon owner be gentle :)

what would you suggest as an alternative? something needs to be there for when he is walking down there or he really struggles and from what i read its the most clean and safe thing to use, i dont free range food (have you seen what one locust can so in 30 min to a plant?😳) everything is hand fed to build up trust and to have less issues with the said substrate but if there is anything safer other than tissue im all ears
Veileds will eat substrate. So that is what your fighting against. The truth is that it is not cleaner to have that down because bacteria grows in it and it just turns into soggy smelly muck. It is not a fully bioactive bottom that has bugs that keep the soil clean and pull water into a drainage layer. Even bioactive bottoms can be an issue for veiled owners because you have to keep a thick layer of leaf litter on top to keep them out of the soil but also keep them from eating the bugs in it.

Best bet is a bare bottom rather than the coco fiber. This way you can wipe it down and spot clean easily. All Veileds patrol their area even the bottoms. It may be more smooth than they are used to but it will not harm them.
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