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Hi there! I am a very proud, first time, pet parent to an adorable, 2.5 month old, veiled chameleon! *pokes avvy* My husband and I decided to name him Mr.Pink.

He's hand-feeding very well, and loves drinking and climbing all over his schefflera plant. We're starting to learn his habits, and all that good stuff.

However, when I purchased Mr. Pink, (after doing much research and preparation of course) I was too excited, and forgot to ask the nice lady when he was last given his bi-weekly D3, and Multivitamins. The nice lady did tell me that he was a new arrival to the store, coming from a captive breeder in Russia, the day prior. Cool, but I'm afraid, even if I get a hold of them, that they may not know.

I'm going to contact them, but in the meantime, and just in case they are not aware, I'd like to hear from you guys about how you began your chameleon's supplement schedule. Maybe I'm overthinking things, but I have no experience, only research, so it can't hurt to look into it! :)
As the title suggests, I do have one other question, that I can't seem to find the answer to. When I do give him his extra supplements, can I give him both at the same time, or can I give him his multi one day, and his d3 the next? Should his entire daily meal for that day be dusted with them, or should I do like a half-and-half sort of thing? Ok that's two more questions... sorry :D

I wanted to add that he is indoors, and I live in Canada, where conditions are less than tropical. Once he takes to us, and learns that we don't want to eat him, we'll be able to get him some unfiltered sunlight outdoors, but for now he has a UVB bulb that he doesn't always bask under. One day he'll be under his uvb, the other just under the heat. I've got them as close together as I can make them, but sometimes he just doesn't bask close enough to the UVB to get the full effect.
I usually dust all the feeders. Use the calcium without the d3 everyday and then use the multivitamin on a Saturday and the following Saturday the one with the d3. So it is every two weeks for the both of those. Or pick a day of the week to alternate the two.
Thanks! I'll definitely do it that way. Seems easy to do if you draw up a simple schedule.
how do i start my own post i have questions

like is it wrong or bad to breed two veiled chameleons that are from the same clutch ?
like is it wrong or bad to breed two veiled chameleons that are from the same clutch ?
Inbreed anything isn't very healthy. The offspring will most likely have disorders, unwanted mutations, or might not even survive. Something to keep in mind.
You can start your own post by clicking the "New Thread" button on the page you want to post to. It's near the top left.

So I heard back from Mr.Pink's dealer, and what she said was a little confusing!

I should have clarified that with you guys when you picked him up, my apologies for not doing so. We give our chameleons calcium (with D3) on every food item offered to them. The multivitamin supplement can be offered about every 5-7 days. Supplements like reptivite work well on a daily basis, rather then two seperate supplements, its one formula with the goodness of both and perfect for species like chameleons. Also, make sure you are using full spectrum lighting, preferably 5.0 uvb and up, or your critter will not be able to process the supplements offered. Without the proper lights and supplements daily, they can get nasty conditions such as MBD and other calcium deficiancies.
Feel free to ask any other questions!

I have the 5.0 UVB with a basking spot under it that's about 7-8 inches away.
But her suggestions for supplements seem a little high. He is indoors, and he doesn't get real sunlight at the moment. His crickets are eating oranges and carrots, even though the lady at the store told me that I only have to give him potatoes (any kind) so they can get water from it. I figure they're getting water from the orange now so I took the potatoes out.

The popular consensus here is to do supplements every other week, so today I gave him his multivitamin, and next Monday he'll get his Calcium with D3. I don't know about the "reptivite" supplements. I'm sure they carry it at the store. As of right now I have the Exo-terra brand for all 3 powders.

Should I keep on doing what I'm doing, or should I up his supplements like the lady told me to?
Chameleons can overdose on d3.

Most of the owners on this forum, do d3 every 2 weeks for veileds.

I don't, but that's because I use an all in one supplement, (no schedule required).

As for what you feed the crickets, what you are currently giving them isn't very healthy.

Sandrachameleon is an amazing owner who has written countless blogs on gutloading (the stuff we feed the bugs) I would suggest searching her blogs and finding the foods she offers.

for your calcium, please make sure one says NO D3, and the other says with D3.

it is rare to find the no d3 in an actual pet store.
I have 2 with calcium, only one has the d3 in it. I've only owned him since wednesday, so I'm not giving him any d3 until next monday. I'm kind of scared to do an all in one supplement, because I won't be able to do any adjustments if he's getting too much of something. I'm going to look up Sandrachameleon's blogs right now. Thanks for the advice!
I use repashy all in one calcium plus on my 2 adult veileds, 5 baby veileds, 2 adult panthers, and 2 juvi panthers.

its designed so that it can be dusted with daily or every other day (depending on your preference) and wont cause an overdose.

Ive been using it for over year.

some owners will do repashy 3 times a week, and dust with the regular calcium the other times.. others, only use it once a week, its just a preference thing.
Sounds a lot less complicated that way. I'll definitely have to look out for that stuff at the stores I go to. Thanks again!
Right on! Good to know!


So I looked it up online, and I'm having a hard time finding the right one.....
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