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Hi everyone;

I am a proud new owner of a orange sunburst veiled cham. He is 4 weeks old and very active. Is it ok to keep him in a 10 gal. aquarium, being that he is so small, until he is big enough to put in the 65 gal. reptarium that I bought? Also, is 1/4" to 1/2" hardware mesh as safe for a cage as is the nylon mesh?


Hi maximus

And welcome to the chameleonforums, yes your cage size is ok to start with(your cham is to small/young really to have been sold to you)but a aquarium isnt ideal.Transfer him a s a p to the other cage when big enough. wire mesh is fine but remember that the size of the insect dictates the size of the mesh holes(unless cup feeding). There are countless chameleon infomation sites available to you just type in veiled cham in a search engine and away you go.
Thank you "neil nosy be" for the reply. Since you mentioned a cup feeder, I was wondering if you have any info on what type of dish to use. In all the research I have been doing, there is a lot of info on the use of a glass dish which makes it hard for crickets to climb out of. But what keeps the crickets from jumping out of a feeder dish or a cup feeder?
My feed dish is a simple gladware plastic container with holes drilled in the bottom of it so that the inevitable misting, dripping, humidifying doesn't drown them. The sides aren't terribly high, but plenty high enough that the majority aren't able to get out. My cham pays alot of attention to his feed dish, and the occasional escapee doesn't stay escaped long!

Here, you can see it in this pic:
No probs

Hi maximus

No probs, i have attached a couple of pics of the sort of feeder i use for my chams.They are easy to make, just get a large plastic milk jug(make sure it is'nt one you can see through) and cut a section out, leaving a lip at the bottom so the crickets cant jump out and the same at both sides,cut some plastic mesh and stick to were you just cut the hole. the pics explain better, hope this helps



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anyone have care information on carpet chameleon?

At christmas I made the grave error of getting a cute LITTLE veiled cham. Along with an 18x18x24 Glass terrarium I now know that was a huge part of my problem I was wondering how this little guy that was so small that when he was on your finger you could not even feel his weight could go from a small newborn tank in the back of the store (yes he was not even out for veiwing yet) to a med size tank. Well, unfortunately he only made it one day and passed the following day, I was lucky enough to have the pet store employee at my house when he passed (she was setting up a smaller starter cage for him when we believe he may have fallen from a branch). I am going to give it another try I have purchased a carpet chameleon she is not yet at our house due to the weather but I am finding it difficult to find what I would call extremely informative sites. I believe we have everything she needs except a screen enclosure we are not able to return the glass terrarium so hopefully she will get enough ventalation in that one any help would be extremely appreciated as I don't want to "kill" another one.

Thanks Lil
Use the search button on this forum, there are countless threads about them. You should have done your research before you bought one. If it is under three months old, cancel the order and buy an older one. Babies are very very hard to care for if you don't know what you're doing. Personally I would recommend you start off with another male veiled as there is a vast amount of info on their husbandry and they are hardier than most other species. Their hardiness leave a tiny bit of room for error so that they aren't killed as easily (3 months or older of course.) But if you are stuck on a carpet search, search, search.
NEW CHAM.... healthy????

this is my new male 3 month old ambilobe panther CHAM. i just got the UVB sun glow light today.. i took some pics of him to show you how he looks because i still dont know how a healthy CHAM looks compared to a NOT SO HEALTHY CHAM...

help me out guys....tell me what you think...


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I think people who aren't contributing to the original questions about Maximus's chameleon should start their own threads (Lil and ChamNation). :rolleyes:

I kept my veiled in a 5gal aquarium for a couple months until she was big enough for her baby cage. She was tiny when I got her, they said 3-4wks. I didn't use anything on the bottom of the tank and spot cleaned it everyday. I made sure to wipe up any pooled water in the tank. I tried using a dripper and a plant saucer, but that was very hard to empty and keep from overflowing, so I would just mist her really well several times a day. Her urates were always white, so I knew she was getting enough water. Right now I am doing the same thing with my baby jackson's because he is too tiny to move into Jasmine's baby cage. I just stained and sealed that cage, so it should be ready for him in a few weeks. The baby cages are small though, 18x12x30. I would say the less time in an aquarium and the sooner you can get him into a screened cage is probably better, but 65gal seems pretty big for a baby unless you section part of it off. What are the dimensions of a 65gal?

Hardware cloth is fine to use. The 1/4th inch is what I used on all of the cages I bought because I was paranoid that claws would get stuck in the mesh screen that you buy in rolls at Home Depot/Lowes.
Serenity, this is an extremely old thread, they brought it up to ask a new question. Babies shouldn't have drippers by the way as they can breath in the drips. I would not give a veiled chameleon a dripper until it is at least 2.5 months.
Lol I didn't even notice the date on the original thread, I just thought they would get better answers if they started their owns threads about their chameleons. (I should've mentioned that I didn't try the dripper until later when Jasmine was a little older, not when she was teeny tiny.)
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