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Hi everyone! I went to a reptile show looking for a male panther. I ended up with a male and female blue bar panther. They are doing so well! Ate out of my hand and a cup! And drank water the first day! They are both juveniles. I have a 17x17x30 reptarium. The guy said I should be able to keep them in the same enclosure for about another 3-4 months. They get along well.
I have a question though. When will my girl start laying? When should I put in a box for her to lay in?
I plan on getting a larger cage for him and keeping her in the current one.
Most people separate their juveniles when they are 3 months old to avoid any unwanted stress. Most females typically lay somewhere between 6-12 months so its best to put a laying bin in about 5 months just to be safe. Welcome to the forums and be sure and ask lots of questions, tons of knowledgeable people here.
welcome to the forum!

the advise you got about how long you can keep them together is not super good advise, IMHO.

if you separate them quickly enough, you may be able to start keeping the female in such a way as to prevent egg laying for as long as you like. But I would put in an appropriate laying bin from about 5 months of age onwards.
I still have my boy and girl together and they seem to really like each other. I figured they would stay apart most of the time but they sleep right next to each other and I even caught the girl with her tail around the boys neck one night! I'm getting another cage in about two weeks so they will be separated then.
The boy getting some red and yellow on him now.
How do I post pics?
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