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So today I rehoused my Jacksons chameleon into his new enclosure and it is the Large Keeper Cage from Dragon Strand and it is a Bit bare so I was wondering which plants to include to fill up the cage a bit more. Also I was thinking of ditching the vines I use and just have my cage filled with plants. Would you guys recommend no vines and just a bunch of plants or a good balance between. I am looking for a big tree right now that is big enough where he can get to the light and bask what would you guys recommend. Right now I have a Spider Plant, Pothos, Money Tree, Weeping Fig (I want to get a new weeping fig because I had to cut this one down in order to fit in my cage), Palmer Palm (Still very small but I'm excited to see it grow). I did have a hibiscus but it died I am thinking of getting another one. Which taller trees would you guys recommend?


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More plants are always good and more horizontal branches...I searched enclosure pics here on the forum to get ideas on how to mount plants and where to put the branches.


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Fill it up. The more braches, foliage and vines, the better. That way, you can create several bio-climatic zones for your cham and he/she can pick out a few favorite places to hang out. Don't forget to create a few hiding places where your cham can get away when feeling stressed out.
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